Computer Startup Problems – Try – Last Known Good Configuration

I’ve got a computer that recently has been acting wacky. When I start-up, the USB keyboard  is not recognized and I can’t use the computer. I’ve tried changing the drivers and tried using Windows Restore, both to no avail, but I have found a solution.

When I do a Restart and click on the F8 key – it will boot up and give me an option – “Last Known Good Configuration.” I choose that using my keyboard and it boots up.

For me this solution seems to work – at least temporarily.

I’m still not sure how or why things have gotten messed up, but at least there is a solution.

If you are having start-up problems you might try this solution – hopefully it will work for you also.


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Create a WordPress Account without a Blog

You can create a WordPress account without a blog, but it’s hidden away.

Below is the link you need to create the account.

You will be sent a confirmation email also.

After you create the account you can post on other blogs if you have Editor rights. You will have to contact the Administrator of the blog to get an invitation and get setup.

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How to Create a List of Files in a Folder

If you need to create a list of files in a particular folder/directory, here’s an easy way to do it within Windows.

In Windows Explorer, move to the folder holding the files. Holding down the Shift key, do a right mouse click and choose Open Command Line Here.

When you get to the command prompt, type in the command

Print > Print.txt

This will create a text file which has a list of the files.

Unfortunately, it also has other information, but if you open it up within Excel, you can get a list of just the files.


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Feed Informer – adding news and feeds to your website

One of my goals as a publisher of content on the web is to publish it once and have it appear automatically as many places as possible. While WordPress does have a Publicize function which allows you to put your WP post onto Facebook etc., it doesn’t have a way for those posts to automatically go to a your website. is the way I accomplish this goal.

Below are the basic steps. (Click here for a better FI guide – it’s very good.)

  • You first have to setup an account with You’ll be sent a confirmation email.
  • Login
  • Create a Digest and give it a logical name.
  • Figure out what the name of the feed is for the website you want to include in your digest.
  • For WordPress accounts you only have to add /feed/ to the URL.
    The feed for  is

  • While you can add more than one feed to a digest for most cases you just want one feed in your digest and on your website.
  • Under Digest Settings you will give your digest a name, set the maximum items to show.
  • I don’t use the Output Filters and FI suggests you skip this step the first time through.
  • You then need to choose the Widget Design.  I use the JavaScript option and it seems to work fine.
  • On the same page (‘Widgets’), below “Save Changes” button, you will find the “Widget Embed Code” section. Copy the code from text area and paste it into your web page’s source code in the appropriate location where you want your widget to be displayed.


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WordPress – Spam

While I get very little spam in my WP blogs, I just had a friend indicate that he was getting lots. I did a little research into this area and here is what I found and what the problem might be.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Discussion area.
Dashboard – WP Admin – Settings – Discussion


In that area you have a number of options.

WP does have a spam filter call Akismet which is on automatically.

Here are the settings I use.

  • Allow people to post comments on new articles – obviously if you turn this off, you won’t get any comments.
  • Email me when – A comment is held for moderation. This way I can keep track of new comments on the blog.
  • Before a comment appears  – Comment must be manually approved – Comment author must have a previously approved comment. This way no comment gets through without my approval.
  • Akismet anti-spam strictness – Strict: silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam. This seems to keep most of my spam away. I’ve got a feeling that my friend doesn’t have this setting on which may be the reason for all his spam.


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Photoshop – Making It Easier to View

While I appreciate having my HD display on my laptop, when it comes to using many of the Adobe products including Photoshop, the fonts and icons are very small.  I’m testing out a couple of suggestions to make everything a bit larger.

Here’s one of the first things I did.

1. Edit Preferences – Interface – change the font to Large from Medium.


2. Screen Resolution – Another thing you can do which helps a bit is to change your screen resolution – I changed mine to a lower resolution and the icons got a bit larger – it’s not a big difference, but helps a bit. On my desktop, 1680 x 1050 looks good, but on my laptop, things are still small.

3. Windows Key + = Magnifier view – not perfect but also helps. Click windows key and minus to get back to regular view.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a real solution to this problem. A lot of people have complained about it – even with the new CC online versions.

Here is more discussion about this topic.



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No Amazon Prime on Tivo?

I’ve been wondering why Tivo would have an Amazon Instant Video app, but didn’t have a link for Amazon Prime videos? The answer is in the chart below. You have to have a 2014 Tivo model or later.  Here’s the link.
The other option is to get a Roku 3 to fill-in as it has a nice Amazon Prime interface. I’ve also ordered the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which I should receive soon which is another way to get Amazon Prime. It doesn’t have ethernet, which I prefer, so I’m hoping the wireless is fast enough.



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