Control Four Computers from One Screen

While I’m not sure if I will actually use this product, what it does is very interesting. It allows you to control and see up to four computers which are hooked up to your network.

The product that you use is free from Microsoft called – Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders.  You install it on each of your computers and then it allows you to see the screen of each computer on each device and allows you to drag and drop, files and text.

Padre of Know How #110 did a nice video on how to set this up, so please watch the video for details. He recommends that you only use this with wired computers as wireless is not very robust.

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Banking from a Thumb Drive

One of the ways to safely bank online is to boot from a thumb drive and avoid any malware and viruses that may be installed on your computer.

Here’s the basic process. I’m not going to go into all the details since the YouTube video below explains everything.

1. Download a version of Linux (like Ubuntu) as an ISO file.

2. Download Universal USB Installer 

3. Open the Universal USB Installer EXE file.

4. Have an empty USB thumb drive you can use only for this purpose.

5. Follow the 4 steps and you’ll have a Linux boot USB drive.


  • I had trouble installing the UUI as a Standard user. I temporarily changed my status to Administrator.
  • I also noticed that I couldn’t install Google Chrome – it wasn’t even suggested as a browser option.

Notes – I really do like Ubuntu. It is very intuitive and connecting to the wireless network is easy. It comes with Libre Office, Firefox and other Apps you can download.






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Setup a Account but not a Blog

If you would like to be a “Contributor or Editor” to an existing blog, you need to have a WordPress account. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to setup an account without setting up a blog, but you can with the right link. Here it is:

Fill-in everything EXCEPT where they ask you for the name of a blog.


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Hacked Companies

Here’s a list of companies that may have been hacked by the bad guys. The most recent are on top.
Note – here’s another site which reports security breaches.




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Facedbook Notes

  • Facebook Profiles – what you normally would see for your friends is for individuals. This is what you see if you want to setup an account on
  • Facebook Pages is for businesses or organizations.
  • If you want to move your Profile account to a “Organization/Business page – here’s the link. Note – none of the information that is already posted will be moved! You can download your account information under Settings – down arrow.
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USB Hacked

Listening to Padre of Know How, I learned a bit more about the possibility of BAD-USB devices being hacked and compromised. All the devices have upgradeable firmware which can be over-written and be compromised with malware.

Here are a few suggestions

  • Don’t share thumb drives and other USB devices with other people.
  • Don’t plug in random USB thumb drives into your computer.
  • This actually happened to my wife when she was part of a multi-company team – one thumb drive infected the computer they were all working on.
  • One solution would be to buy inexpensive thumb drives that if you use in someone else’s computer – you could then throw away.
  • SD Cards can also be hacked – but they are not nearly as vulnerable. This is preferable to using a thumb drive.
  • The best way left to move files safely is electronically – email, google drive etc.


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LastPass Down – No Problem

Lately, LastPass servers went down and it was unavailable online. Below is one option to have your passwords available and ready to use even when LastPass is not working in Online mode.

  • Make sure you have the Binary version of Lastpass downloaded and installed. You have to go to and download/install the file. To make sure you have the binary version go to Tools – About – and look for “Binary Component true.”
  • Install LastPass Pocket.
  • From the LastPass Menu – Tools – Advanced Tools – Export to – Lastpass Encrypted File.
  • Download the File.
  • Run Pocket and Import the file you just downloaded
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