How to Avoid Adware and Crapware

It seems like almost all download sites, even the much loved Sourceforge, are including Adware with their installation software. In many cases these extra toolbars etc. are often in plain sight as you try to quickly push the Next button on each new screen.

Unfortunately, you now have to carefully look at each screen as if it’s a new legal document. If you just blithely keep clicking and accepting the defaults you can easily install a lot of crapware.

Ninite is the only site I know of that has resisted this temptation and seems to be free of any Adware.

Another solution might be the program Unchecky.

As you install a program you want and come to all those Extra adware installs, Unchecky automatically unchecks the install box. Here’s the video below.

NOTE – if you look at the 2nd video, you can see that Unchecky doesn’t ALWAYS work – BE CAREFUL – even with Unchecky.



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Get Rid of Gmail Ads

Google has started adding advertisements, disguised as Email, to your Inbox. The ads come to your Promotions tab of the new and improved Gmail.

They say you can “Dismiss” the ad and you won’t see it again – NOT TRUE.

I have found a way to get rid of these Gmail ads. You just need to get rid of the Promotions Tab.Click the + at the end of the Gmail tabs.



You’ll get the box below and un-check the Promotions tab. Now you won’t see those Gmail ads again.




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Change Double-Click to Single-Click

One of the the things I learned from my seniors is that using a mouse becomes harder as we age. Even the simple act of double-clicking on an file to open it, becomes almost impossible.

I’ve found a solution which I’m going to implement for a friend. Here are the steps.

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • Folder Options
  • General Tab
  • Under – Click items as follows
  • Change from Double-Click to Single-Click
  • Click – Apply then OK.

I also kept the setting of “Underline icon titles only when I point at them.”
Note – I’m also trying this for myself.
I have certain instances when this gets in the way. When I want to save a file and use the name of a previous file as a start, it won’t allow me to do this.


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Create a Restore Point – NOW!

I recently had one of my computers refuse to allow my keyboard to work. After numerous trials I determined that the keyboard driver was wacky and needed to be fixed. One way I could do that was to do a “Restore” from one of my restore points, that Windows is supposed to do automatically – WRONG! For some reason there was not even one restore point .

Here is how to create that restore point today – when everything is working.

To create a restore point.

- Click the Start button.
- In the “Search” area, type in Create a Restore point
- Select the “Create a Restore Point” choice.
- This will take you to the box below.


Make sure that your Operating system is turned On – so that backups will be made automatically – this was my problem – it was not turned on.

Then just click the Create button to create your restore point.

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Tech-Tips from David Pogue

Here’s a summary of David Pogue’s Top Ten Time Saving Tech-Tips

  • Space Bar – scrolls down the website by one page. Use Shift-Space to Scroll Up.
  • Filling in forms – use the Tab key to jump from one area to the next – also when you are selecting the state, just type in the first letter of your state – M for Missouri – you may need to do this more than once.
  • To make text larger on the web, hold down Ctrl then +.
  • Typing on Android/iPhone – at the end of a sentence, hit the space bar twice to put in a period and the space and then you’re ready to start your next sentence.
  • To re-call a person you just called, just hit the “Call” button – it will fill-in with the last person you called.
  • To get past the answering machine instructions, hit the # key on T-Mobile and At&T, Verizon is *, Sprint is 1 (not sure about this)
  • Google also does word definitions (define this word), it will also give you flight information as in Southwest #345, and it will also do unit conversion.
  • Prefocus a camera shot – then press the button
  • “B” key to blackout a slide in PowerPoint. or “W” to whiteout a slide.
  • Below are a few more tips from David
  • Tor turn off a ringing phone, just press any physical button on the side or top.

Here’s the video.

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How to Import an Outlook PST File into Gmail

Helping a friend move from one old computer to another new computer, it turned out that even though he had a Yahoo email address, he used Outlook for his emails. This version of Outlook keeps all it’s data in a PST file. I did manage to find the OUTLOOK.PST file on the old hard drive, but then the question was how to get the contacts into Gmail.

It turns out that Google has a partial solution - Google’s Migration Tool.


After downloading and trying to install this tool, I had a problem.



I realized that you must have Outlook installed on the computer for this Tool to work. I don’t use Outlook any more, so I had to come up with option #2.

My answer was to find another computer, my wife’s old computer, which did have Outlook installed. I copied the PST file over to that computer and the Migration Tool worked fine.

Most solutions I found online mentioned downloading Outlook from the web, but none of the links I followed allowed that.

If you don’t have Outlook, try and find a friend who does, bring your PST file and it should work for you too.



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Chrome Extensions List

I thought it would be interesting to list what Chrome Extensions I use and also ask for comments to see what other people might suggest.

1. Amazon Smile 1Button – it makes donations to your favorite charity every time you buy anything on Amazon.

2. Google docs – not sure why I have this on there or what it does. I’m actually going to disable this for a while. I prefer using Google Drive.

3. HTTPS Everywhere – it will try to make a HTTPS connection with every website and thus make you connection more secure.

4. Lastpass – my favorite password manager.

5. Privacy Badger – disables tracking and ads from some sites. Note – this breaks some sites, so you may have to disable it on some sites.

6. Save to Pocket – I use Pocket to mark specific sites I want to look at in the future.

7. Send from Gmail – allows you to send email just by clicking on an email address on a website.

8. Smile Always – seems like it might be slightly different than #1 – it will redirect an Amazon link to a smile link.

9. Xmarks Bookmark Sync – I use Xmarks to sync all my bookmarks between my various computers.

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