Setting Up Large Hard Drives Over 2 TB

If you’re planning on buying a very large hard drive – over 2 TB, there are some problems which arise. Most systems only support up to 2 TB of drive space, but there is a work-around if you are using Windows 7 and above.

Note – you can buy a 4 TB drive for as little as $150.

I’d probably only use such a large drive as a “data” drive or a backup drive.

Rather than go through all the steps, click on the link below which Microsoft has provided.



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Amazon FireTvStick – $20 Today Only – Prime Members


If you’d like to pre-order Amazon’s latest device to stream Netfix etc to your TV -

Today only it’s $20 for Prime Members.

For $20 I’m going to give it a try.


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Microsoft Office – Free Versions

If you would like free online versions of Microsoft Office – they are available from:

Signup for an account and they will give you 15 gb of free storage.

Now you can do simple word, excel and power point documents online for free.

Here are a few tips.

1. You have to be online – if you don’t have internet access, you are out of luck.

2. These are simplified versions and some features have been disabled.

3. Make sure you download a copy to your computer for when you don’t have internet access.

4. You can open these files with other offices suites like Libre Office.



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New Google Drive 2014 – Notes

I enjoy using Google Drive on a daily basis, but have found it a bit hard to manage files. The new version coming out in November 2014 seems to have made it easier to work with my files. Here are a few notes.


- It has a cleaner looker – as you see above all my files are in folders.

- Just click on each folder to get a view of the files in the folder.

- Right click on folders and files to remove or take other actions.

- You can select files with Control and Shift keys held down.

- If you Sync these files on one or more of your home computers , they do count against your quota. If you want to uninstall SYNC on your computer – here’s how to do it.

- Since Google only gives you 15 gb of storage for everything you will probably want to manage these files and get rid of files which are taking up a lot of space. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Hover over your storage usage in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click Drive in the message that appears.
  3. You’ll see all your files listed by file size.
  4. Select the file(s) that you’d like to delete and click the Trash icon .
  5. Select Trash from the left navigation.
  6. Click the Trash at the top, then click Empty trash or select an item in the trash and click Delete forever.
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Is It Them or Is it Me?

I’ve had two situations recently where you might assume that something is wrong with your computer, but in reality it’s the website on the other end.

In one case, we got an error message when trying to look at a website. We tried it on another browser and had the same problem – solution was to notify the website – which in this case is not easy since it’s a government website.

The second instance is today when I tried to load my documents from Google Drive – no luck. There’s an easy way to find out if the website is down or if it’s you – just go to the website – enter your website and it will check it for you and let you know what the results are. As you can see below that Google Drive is down right now – hopefully not for long.

Note – also disregard the advertising on the side from DynaTrace – it has nothing to do with your report.


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Google Chrome Won’t Load Pages

I just helped a friend with the above problem and came up with a solution which might help others.

I never found out what was causing the original problem. I would uninstall and re-install Chrome, yet it would not load any pages. I tried other things, but nothing worked.

I did notice however that other User accounts would load Chrome just fine.

The solution was to create a new User Account and transfer all the data files from her old bad account to the new User Account.

Maybe this will help other people with similar problems.


Another option – Changing your Chrome profile might work.I didn’t get a chance to try this.


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What DNS Am I Using?

I’m seen a number of shows on DNS and how to change those settings, but since I have DNS done automatically and have never had any speed issues, I wondered what DNS I actually was using and how fast it was.

I first downloaded and ran Steve Gibson’s DNS Benchmark program. It showed me the results below.



I also checked my DNS server using the command prompt command – nslookup.

It showed me the same results.


I find it interesting that my ISP – Charter – is defaulting to Google as their first DNS and only secondarily using their own. Since Google seems to be both fast and reliable I will stick with the setup I have.

If you seem to be having internet speed issues, you may want to run the same test and find out your own results.


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