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Backup Your Hard Drive

I found a free program which will clone your hard drive. This is always nice to have in case you get a virus/malware and you can return to a previous good installation. You can find it at Advertisements

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Easy Resize of Photos

Microsoft has an easy addon which will resize a photo from Windows Explorer with the Right Click of a mouse. Download the Image Resizer.

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Delayed Write Errors

If you move large files, you may get a “Delayed Write Error” if you close down too quickly or disconnect one of the drives. Here’s how to fix the problem from Microsoft: To resolve this issue, turn off the “Enable … Continue reading

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Clear Type on Your Monitor

I’m in the process of moving to a new computer and the screen type is terrible. I remembered that Clear Type, from Microsoft is a great tool to make your screen look much more legible. You need to use Microsoft … Continue reading

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How to View a Folder Tree in My Computer-Win Explorer

One of the aggravating things for my about “My Computer” or “Windows Explorer” when they first run is that they start out with just one panel showing the files in the right column and miscellaneous information on the left. I … Continue reading

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YouTube Notes on Quality

I recently uploaded a movie to Youtube and here’s how they compressed it: Original MOV file – 2926 KB (640×480) Flash Movie – 449 KB (320×240) MP4 movie – 876 KB (480×360) – This is when you add &fmt=18 to … Continue reading

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