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Protect Firefox Passwords

If you use Firefox as a browser, it’s easy for anyone to see all your passwords just by going: Tools- Options – Security – Saved Passwords. To protect yourself, make sure you click on “Master Password” and create a password … Continue reading

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Improve Your WiFi Reception

If you’re having trouble getting good wifi reception, try this easy and free option. Note – I did try this and it did not help at all.

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Filmstrip View in Win Explorer

If you’d like to see your pictures in Windows Explorer in a Filmstrip format, you may need to set it up initially. If you are browsing a folder in Windows containing mostly images and this feature is not available, you … Continue reading

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Quick Shutdown for Windows

If no window is selected or all windows are closed, you can quickly shut down Windows with the key combination – Alt-F4. You can also click in an open area of the Tasbar to deselect any windows. This is nice … Continue reading

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Blurry Background for Artifical Setups

If you want to take a picture of an insect or something rather small, and don’t like your current background, here’s a solution. Take a picture of a nice generic background, blur it in Photoshop, print it out and use … Continue reading

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Control Printing of Web Pages

If you’ve ever wanted to print just a small part of a website and not all the pictures and advertising, here’s a site which will make that happen. It’s fairly easy to figure out and allows you to take … Continue reading

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