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Stop Update Windows Reminders

While one does want to have Windows XP to do updates, sometimes you get annoying reminders every 5 minutes or so. To get rid of the notices you have two options. 1. Control Panel – Admin. Tools – Services Right … Continue reading

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Yahoo Email as Default

One of the aggravating things in Windows is that when you click on an email web link, by default it opens either Outlook or Outlook Express. To change that behavior to Yahoo Mail follow this procedure. In Yahoo Mail click … Continue reading

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Cheap Cables

Before spending $130.00 for a four foot cable at Best Buy, here are a few alternatives. – $4.03 – $4.30 – $9.59

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Firefox Popup Blocker Limits

If you want more than 20 exceptions to your Firefox popup blocker, then you need to make some changes. Type in about:config in the explorer bar and search for dom.popup_maximum. Then doubleclick on it and change the setting from 20 … Continue reading

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