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Buying Help and Information

When friends are ready to buy a new camera or computer etc., they usually call and ask the question – “Which one should I buy?” As you may know, the answer is that it all depends on your budget, and … Continue reading

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Watch Computer Videos on Your TV

If you’ve got a Tivo, for $20 you can invest in their Desktop Plus option. This allows you to move movies from your computer to you Tivo and watch then on your TV. It also allows you to play music … Continue reading

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Start Button – Right Click Options

By right clicking on the Start button, then choose Start Menu then Properties and then Customize, you get all sorts of options as to what displays when you click on the Start Menu. You can also follow the same procedure … Continue reading

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Bandwidth Caps

The future is clear – bandwidth caps and charges for internet usage are coming to your neighborhood in the future.  While no one seems to be happy about this, other than the internet providers, there’s not much you can do … Continue reading

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Teach A Man To Google

Quote from Patrick Norton – “Give a man a link – he’ll have information for a day. Teach a man to Google and he’ll never bug you again.”

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View As Slideshow

There are times when I want to use the Slideshow feature of Windows Explorer, but it seems to have gotten lost. Here’s how to get it again. View – Customize this Folder – From “Use this folder type as a … Continue reading

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Firefox – Zoom In-Out

By holding down your Ctrl key and moving the scroll button on your mouse you can easily zoom in and out. This is a nice feature for those sites which have tiny fonts.

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