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Green Screen – Be Anywhere You Want

If you’d like to try some green screen video, I’m all set up. It’s fun and easy. Advertisements

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Viruses and Malware – How to Get Them

If you want to get a virus or malware don’t do any of the below. 1. Use Windows Update – have it turned on to “Automatic Download and Install.” 2. Don’t run as an “Administrator.” 3. Use to sandbox … Continue reading

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Download YouTube Video

KEEPVID.COM Here’s another nice site which allows you to easily download Youtube Video. It even gives you the option of getting the higher quality version.

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LCD TV vs. LCD Monitor

If you’ve ever wondered if you could just buy an LCD TV and use it instead of buying an LCD monitor, the picture above shows you the difference. The LCD TV while being viewable has a much fuzzier picture than … Continue reading

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Vista – Auto Logon

If you’d like to automatically logon to your account in Vista, here’s how to do it. At the Search box, type control userpasswords2 and press Enter. The User Accounts screen will appear. Highlight the account that you want to automatically … Continue reading

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Vista – Not Too Safe

A friend recently brought over a VISTA computer that was unusable because they had forgotten the password for the startup logon. Within 5 minutes a found a Linux ISO file which allowed me to boot from a CD and remove … Continue reading

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Computer on a Thumb Drive

Here’s a relatively easy way to put an entire computer on a thumb drive. OK, it uses Linux, but the interface is great and you can do most tasks that you’d normally do in Windows. Here are the steps. 1. … Continue reading

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