Vista – Not Too Safe

A friend recently brought over a VISTA computer that was unusable because they had forgotten the password for the startup logon. Within 5 minutes a found a Linux ISO file which allowed me to boot from a CD and remove the Administrators password.What I also learned in the process was that, VISTA is not that safe if you’re trying to hide your data.

I also learned that by adding this command in the Search bar:
Net user administrator /active:yes
You can activate and show the Administrators logon when Windows starts. This is also nice since the  administrator doesn’t have the annoying UAC popup screens. Note – this account doesn’t have a password initially, so make sure you assign a password to this account.

You can hide the Administrator logon by using the command:
Net user administrator /active:no

I like to have at least two Administrator accounts so that if I have a problem with one, I can still logon and make changes.


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