Viruses and Malware – How to Get Them

computer-ill-400webIf you want to get a virus or malware don’t do any of the below.

1. Use Windows Update – have it turned on to “Automatic Download and Install.”

2. Don’t run as an “Administrator.”

3. Use to sandbox your internet activity

4. Don’t click on links in email.
If possible only view email in “TEXT” mode.”

5. Use Firefox and the NoScript plugin.

6. Don’t open email attachments.

7. Only download files from sites which you know are safe.

8. Use a router as a firewall and turn on WPA2 encryption. Also turn on your Windows firewall. Make sure your router has a password. Turn off WAN. (This allows outside people to change your router settings.

9. Use some sort of Antivirus and Malware software.

10. Have a drive image backup, so that if you do get infected, you’ll have a way to get back to a clean restore. I use Acronis True Image, but there are others available also.

11. Don’t let your kids use the same computer that you use for banking and credit card payments.(more info)

12.  Turn off “AutoPlay” on your computer.

13. Turn off Universal Plug and Play on your Router.  On my router it is found under Advanced – Advanced Network – Uncheck the box “Enable UPnP”

14. Turn on “View File Extensions.”

Note – If you really want to be updated on the latest security threat, listen to Steve Gibson and his “Security Now” podcast. Here’s a link to his website: (click here)


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