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Backup with Windows 7

I’ve always paid in the past for good backup software. I use Second Copy for my data and Acronis True Image for image backups of my system drive. It seems that might all come to a screeching halt when Windows … Continue reading

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Watch YouTube in HQ by Default

If you’d like to watch YouTube videos in HQ by default, it’s easy to do. Sign-in, click on the Account button and then choose Playback Setup. It will then give you an option to always watch HQ videos when they … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Microsoft Office

Close your wallet – salvation is at hand. I’m tired of Microsoft changing their software every three or so years and in the process also changing their document format. I’ve had it! I’m going Office free now and in the … Continue reading

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$69 – 1 TB drives

If you’re looking to add a hard drive to your computer or upgrade your 160 GB drive to a 1000 GB drive, now’s the time to do it. Dell has a great deal on a 1 TB drive for only … Continue reading

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Google Voice – Saved Me $100 Today.

I just signed up and got a new phone number with Google Voice today. I’m still not sure exactly how I’m going to use this new feature of Google, but I’ve figured out how it will  immediately save me $100. … Continue reading

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Your Old Locks Are No Good!

I just saw a video on the program “Scam School” which shows how easy it is to open a standard lock that you might use for school or gym. (click here) It turns out that these tips to opening standard … Continue reading

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No Fax – No Problem

About twice a year I’m required to send a fax to a business, doctor etc. The problem is that I got rid of my fax machine a couple of years ago when I got rid of my phone land line. … Continue reading

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