Google Voice – Saved Me $100 Today.

google-voiceI just signed up and got a new phone number with Google Voice today. I’m still not sure exactly how I’m going to use this new feature of Google, but I’ve figured out how it will  immediately save me $100.

First let me explain that you need a Gmail account and they need to send you an invitation. When you get your invite, you just follow the prompts and you’ll end up with a brand new phone number (you choose the number from numerous listed). The idea is that you can just use this one phone number and it will forward to any number of phones.  It can forward to mobile phones, home phones, work phones etc. One phone number for everything. For people with lots of phones, this feature might be great.

How I’m using it to save money is that you can also make International phone calls to the U.K. for just 2 cents a minute. Currently I spend $5/month phone charge and 6 cents a minute for these types of calls. I’ estimating that I’ll save at least $100 this year.

Google Voice integrates very well with your existing Gmail account. Each of your contacts now has a “Call” button. I did have trouble calling people from my notes page, but you can call from the Call area in the upper left hand corner.

Let me know if you’re using this service and how it’s helping you.


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