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GFI Free Backup

Backup – Backup – Backup – just do it! Here’s an other FREE program GFI Backup – Home Edition. It does file backups – not image backups. Advertisements

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Free Basic Movie Editor

Windows Live Movie Maker is a free download for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. It appears to be a nice option for people that just want to do basic movies. It uploads to YouTube and Facebook and allows you to … Continue reading

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Lots of Pictures? What’s Next?

If you’re coming back from vacation with hundreds or thousands of vacation pictures, your next step after moving them to your computer is figuring how to share them with friends and family. The problem these days is that everyone has … Continue reading

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Why I Buy from BH PhotoVideo

One company that I can recommend without any reservations is B&H Photo-Video. I have spent thousands of dollars with them and always gotten great service and quality equipment. The picture to the left also shows the difference between them and … Continue reading

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Chart – Upgrading to Windows 7

Since I have Windows XP, it looks like I have to do a clean install or setup a dual-boot system. Make sure you image your system drive and backup your data before installing Windows 7.

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Saving Money on Phone Service

It’s amazing to me how some people will spend $200 a month for a fancy cell phone, when there are so many inexpensive options available. Here are a few I use or suggest. Free Google Voice You can forward any … Continue reading

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Skype Kills Gmail

After installing the latest Skype I noticed that whenever I went to Gmail and my Contacts, Firefox would crash and die.  I first blamed Firefox and changed versions, but no matter what I did Gmail kept causing Firefox to die. … Continue reading

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