Skype Kills Gmail


After installing the latest Skype I noticed that whenever I went to Gmail and my Contacts, Firefox would crash and die.  I first blamed Firefox and changed versions, but no matter what I did Gmail kept causing Firefox to die. I then got the bright idea to look at my Firefox extensions and there was the newly installed Skype extension for Firefox. I disabled the extension, rebooted and Gmail was reborn and working fine. I did later find some postings where other people had similar problems. While I like Skype, it needs to learn to play nice with Gmail.


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6 Responses to Skype Kills Gmail

  1. Thanks, I have the same problem and have not been using FireFox because of it, I now know how to fix the problem and will sort it now, once again thanks for posting that great information.

  2. Chaim Haas says:

    I have the same problem with Gmail, but don’t have the Skype extension installed in Firefox.

  3. Mvox says:

    What a relief to find this.. Skype marched into my computer like a braggart and I had the same problem, couldn’t access Gmail at all, I didn’t spot the Firefox connection, panicked and uninstalled Skype completely, was going to treat it with great caution until I read this..
    I’ll try again, but I see by the later comment that it may not be a problem with the extensions in Firefox so I’ll still be very cautious with this program…

    I’m not too happy with the Skype programmers attitude if that’s the way they operate…

    Thanks for posting this though…very useful, gives me a starting point…

  4. LIn says:

    Skype causes my gmail to keep on loading loading loading… and never stop loading, hence gmail is rendered useless when I install Skype. Untinstall Skype, gmail is once again working just fine. have tried 3 times now … for a program at the hype level of Skype, this makes no sense to me. One would not expect this type of compatability issue.

  5. J ANtonucci says:

    JUst found the same Need Skype for a professiona call
    What you can do though not perfect is run g mail in basic html–scroll to bottom and click there Then it runs ok TAkes away some ability to use various fonts and the reply is clunky but works fine I sent a message to skpye HAs anyone else?

  6. C Crowell says:

    My problem, which I’ve seen elsewhere in some technical blogs, was that the majority of my keystrokes would not appear in Gmail when typing an email. Most of them would appear if I typed very slowly, but, basically, gmail was unusable. This circumstance began 2 days ago after I had downloaded and used the latest version of Skype. (All other programs on my computer – like Word and Excel – continued to work as they should.) I looked for solutions that would allow me to keep Skype, but found no reliable answer. (It seems that the version of Skype and IE are variables at work here too. Mine is Vista32 and IE8.) I removed Skype and Gmail returned to working as it should. I agree with the comment above which opines that you would not expect a conflict between Skype and Gmail, but, in my case, Gmail is much more important to my professional use.

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