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Sharing Folders in Google Documents

If you use and share Google Documents – this is a new feature they just started. In the past one could share individual documents with one or people, but now you can share entire folders. Select the folder you want … Continue reading

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Vacations-Thumb Drives and Security

While vacations are great and thumb drives are great, security goes out the window for many people who haul around their laptop or thumb drive on vacations. If either gets lost or stolen, there’s a good chance the “bad guys” … Continue reading

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Facebook – Removing Entries

I just came across a situation where I wanted to delete one of my Facebook entries. Here’s how to do it. From the main page click on Profiles. Then choose Wall. Now when you hover over an entry, it gives … Continue reading

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Online Bookmarks

If you’re ever on vacation and are using someone elses computer, it’s always a bit of a pain since you don’t have your computers bookmarks handy. You try to remember all those URL’s, but it’s no use. iKeepBookmarks is one … Continue reading

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Do You Like Being Tracked?

Cookies are one way advertisers watch you and collect data on which sites you visit. If you’d like to limit their tracking abilities in Firefox 3.5 , here’s what to do. Tools – Options – Privacy – Use Custom Settings … Continue reading

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Is this Site Safe?

While we generally know that most of the sites we regularly visit are safe, what about sites which we have never visited before? Google has a nifty tool to let you check out a site BEFORE you start browsing its … Continue reading

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Moving Firefox to a Different Computer

If you have Firefox on more than one computer, it’s a bit of an aggravation when you work on one computer and fix your Firefox addons, settings, bookmarks and toolbars just so, but when you go to your other computer, … Continue reading

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