Moving Firefox to a Different Computer

fflogoIf you have Firefox on more than one computer, it’s a bit of an aggravation when you work on one computer and fix your Firefox addons, settings, bookmarks and toolbars just so, but when you go to your other computer, of course nothing has changed. Rather than going through and manually changing everything again, here’s a solution.

Firefox keeps all of its settings in one profile folder. In XP you can find it under:

C: – Documents and Settings – Your Account Name – Application Data – Mozilla – Firefox – Profiles.

Then just copy the profile to a thumb drive and paste it into your new computer in the same area.
What I also found is that you have to rename the old file .old and then rename the new file with the old name and use .default. I did this going from a Win7 computer to a XP computer.

For more details and information on Vista click here.


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