Vacations-Thumb Drives and Security

thumbdriveWhile vacations are great and thumb drives are great, security goes out the window for many people who haul around their laptop or thumb drive on vacations. If either gets lost or stolen, there’s a good chance the “bad guys” will have access to all your accounts, passwords and banking information.

I’ve found a nice solution by creating an encrypted area on my thumb drive and putting all my sensitive data into that area. How you do it is a bit complicated but not that bad. Here’s a site which explains the process step by step. (click here)

To use the thumb drive, you just plug it into your computer and you will get a popup – choose “Start TrueCrypt Background Task” then OK.
– choose a drive letter – like Z:
– Select File – choose the encrypted file o nthe thrumb drive.
– Select Mount
– Type in your password.
– Exit


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