Goodbye Norton Antivirus

I was in the local Best Buy lustfully looking at the new Windows 7 laptops and overheard a conversation about antivirus programs.  The sales associate was trying to encourage the new computer buyer to get the extended anti-virus program so that she would be covered for the next three years. I wanted to butt in and say, “Don’t do it. Microsoft has a free anti-virus program available to download.

Microsoft Security Essentials is highly rated and FREE.

The one thing I don’t like about it is that it seems to run and take up lots of resources when I first start the computer. MSMPENG.EXE is the file that I find running under my processes and taking up 50% of my resources.  Here’s a link which discusses this problem (click here)

Note – this is such a hassle on my XP machine, that I got rid of it and went back to AVG Free 8.5
My Windows 7 machine seems to be fine with MSE.


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