Safe Wireless Connecting When On the Road


When you’re on the road,while almost every hotel/motel offers free wifi, but it’s almost always non-secured. In other words, everything you type – all your passwords, bank information, personal email and credit card information is available for the bad guys to capture. Even when it is secured with a password, you never know how long the password has been in effect and if it’s really secure.

Here’s one solution, which has gotten some great reviews. is a site which offer FREE VPN connection to your home computer. You first create an account with LogMeIn and then as long as your computer is plugged in and on, you can access it securely over the internet. You install LogMeIn on your home computer and then you can access it via the internet from any other computer when you’re on the road. I did notice that you have to change the “View” settings to see your home screen legibly, but that’s easy to do. You also need to make sure your computer doesn’t turn off after a period of time.(Usually you right click on the desktop and change your settings.) The LogMeIn installation fixed that problem for me automatically. They will also send you an email to activate your account. You will also need to remember your name and password from your home computer to login.

They will try and sell you a PRO version for $70/year, but the Free version may be all you need.

Note – Here’s what Steve Gibson of Security Now says about LogMeIn.Search for “LogMeIn.”


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