Hard Drive Partitioning – Free

harddrivepartitionIf you’ve recently bought a new Windows 7 computer, you’ve probably got a 300+ GB drive with your operating system, programs and all the pictures, text and video you transferred over to the new computer. What I like to do is to divide the  hard drive into two partitions – one for the operating system and one for the data (pictures, video, graphics test)

The advantage to this system is that you can frequently and easily backup your C: Operating System to an external drive so that if your computer ever gets a virus/malware/ it’s easy to restore that partition without affecting your data. I also backup before I install a new program so that if I have a problem or the program doesn’t uninstall properly I can easily restore my latest backup.

While I’ve used Partition Magic in the past, there’s a new free program which has some great reviews.
Partition Wizard Free Home Edition

Here’s a good review of the program.


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  1. Bill Mullins says:

    Thanks for the link Tom. Much appreciated.


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