Laptop Review – HP DV4-1543

Since my Dell laptop is seven years old, I’ve been looking for a replacement for the last few months. There are so many options that it was hard to make a choice. Since I bought a Sony Vaio for my wife recently – the VGN-NW270F, I had a good laptop to compare to this HP DV4.

You basically have two choices in laptops: do you want a powerful laptop that can do lots of things, but has a shorter battery life or do you want a lighter, less powerful laptop which has an extended life. I went with the power laptop which the HP is.

In general, I’m very happy and impressed. The HP is a bit smaller – 14″ vs 15.6″, but I actually prefer the smaller form factor. The 15.6 is more a desktop replacement size. They both have the same 320 GB hard drive and plenty of other ports and 4 GB or ram. I wanted an HDMI port and both have this feature. When you connect the HP to my 42″ TV the screen looks sharp and stunning. I can now watch internet video and ripped movies on my big screen. One feature the Sony has is the ability to play Blue Ray disks, but since I don’t own any of those, it’s not a factor.

The HP does have a nice Recovery partition and a few other features, but I don’t use them. The Sony has a better metal body, keyboard and track pad area (I use a real mouse.), but the HP is ok.

Windows 7 is a joy to work with and even though I bought a manual, I haven’t had to crack it open yet. I’ve gone from XP to Windows 7 without a hitch.

Another reason I went with the HP at Costco is the two year warranty – you can’t beat it.

Year Warranty
Fast bootup and performance
One click to turn wireless on and off.
Fantastic HDMI video to home TV
Price $649

Case and keyboard not as nice as Sony Vaio.
Track area doesn’t have the nice feel of a Sony
A little bit of junkware you need to uninstall.


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