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Make Websites More Readable

Looking at the latest Time magazine article on jobless claims, one of my main irritations is that only 13% of the page has anything to do with the actual article. The rest is unrelated junk. One way I’ve found to … Continue reading

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Your Passwords – Are they Secure?

If you’re like me, your list of website passwords is growing to look like a small dictionary. Most security experts tell you to not have the same password for all your sites, so the bad guys don’t have access to … Continue reading

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How to Install a Program – Try It Out – Then It’s Erased When You’re Done.

If you’re a techie, you like to try out new programs, but you’re constantly worried that the latest new program is going to screw-up your system, add some spyware, etc. One way to try out a program, but have it … Continue reading

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Send Lots of Pictures Via Email

One of the problems with most recent cameras is that the files they create are enormous. While this is good for getting quality pictures, if you want to send them to friends, that creates a problem. My Yahoo account only … Continue reading

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You Can’t Read Office 2007 Documents?

Since Microsoft seems to insist on changing file formats every few years it’s an aggravation when you can’t read a Word document sent by a friend. Here’s how to get around that problem. Microsoft has a “File Format Converter” which … Continue reading

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Free Web Hosting for Non-Profits

I came across this web-hosting site which offers free hosting for non- profits. Dream Host gives 501(C)(3) non-profit free web space. There are probably some restrictions, but you can’t beat FREE.

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Level Out Your Audio

One quick and easy way to “level or normalize” your wav file is to drag and drop it onto “Levelator.” It’s a free download and seems to work fairly well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with mp3 files. This assumes your … Continue reading

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