Send Lots of Pictures Via Email

One of the problems with most recent cameras is that the files they create are enormous. While this is good for getting quality pictures, if you want to send them to friends, that creates a problem. My Yahoo account only allows you to send up to 20mb of pictures at one time. For large pictures, that might meant 5 pictures.

One way around this problem is to open each file in a photo editor, change the dpi to 72, resize the picture with a 640 width and then save the new picture in a new directory. That is a lot of time-consuming work – what you need is a program to do all the files at one time.

Photoshop does have this feature, but it’s expensive. IrFanView is a FREE editor which has a nice batch conversion feature, although it has its own quirks.

What I’ve found is that to do the batch conversion, you need to use the Advanced Options and change the dpi to 72  – click the Resize and set the new size to 640 – make sure the “Preserve aspect ratio” box is checked also. You then just choose your output directory. While it does have many more options, these are the ones I use. You can now send 200 files at one time instead of just five.


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