Death of the “Printed Manual”

In the picture, can you see what is missing? My old camera, the SD1100 came with a printed manual. My new Canon SX210is, which cost me $349.00 doesn’t have a printed manual. Canon in an effort to make $1 extra has decided to stop printing manuals for their cameras. You can’t even order one. – it’s 180 pages. This is a complicated camera and you need to read the book to learn as much as possible. Having to fire up the computer every time you have a question is stupid. I called Canon and they don’t even offer the manual to buy. Come on Canon – my last camera, SD1100 came with a manual, why not this camera. I’m spending $349 and no manual – that’s just miserly. Now I have to bring my computer with me on vacation just so I can look up how to use my camera? STUPID!

Later notes – after complaining to Canon, they said that they were trying to go Green by putting everything on a CD and not printing manuals. What bugs me is that CD’s will last thousands of years in a landfill. Paper – you can recycle. If they really wanted to go Green , they would have you download any needed files from the internet.


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