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Locking Down Facebook

If you’ve followed the privacy problems with Facebook, you’ll be glad to know that you can now lock it down. Here’s a great video by the EFF which shows you all the steps. It will take you about 10 minutes, … Continue reading

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Brizzly = Twitter + Facebook

Instead of having two accounts to open, Twitter and Facebook, I’m now trying Brizzly that offers both in one interface. This is what Leo LaPorte uses and he’s my tech guru. One of the nice features is that it will … Continue reading

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Fixing a Friend’s Computers

If you’ve ever tried to fix a friend’s computer over the phone, you know how aggravating the process is. “How many Windows you have open?” “I’ve got three open – I’ve go a nice breeze through the house.” TeamViewer 5 … Continue reading

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Read it Later – Instapaper

I sometimes find myself surfing the net jumping from site to site and find specific links which I want to save and look at later. allows me to do just that using any computer. While I could bookmark the … Continue reading

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Don’t Use the Copy Machine!

I just found out that copy machines use hard drives and keep copies of EVERYTHING they ever copy. That means that when the machine leaves the office or building and gets sold, all those documents get sold with it. CBS … Continue reading

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Sending LARGE Files

Here’s another way to transfer large files or groups of files to another person. You can transfer up to 2 GB at one time. if another new way to send large files. You just select the file you … Continue reading

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