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Hard Drive Crash and No Backup

A friend called and was lamenting that the hard drive on his laptop had died. While I usually recommend GRC’s “Spinrite,” he also told me about another product which might work – 1st NTFS Recovery. One of the nice things … Continue reading

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Free Phone Calls with Gmail

Gmail has added free phone calls in the U.S and to Canada. – Wow! While it won’t initially save me any money, it might just push you to get rid of your landline and save that monthly charge. You could … Continue reading

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Getting Your Daily News

Since the daily newspaper is not now in vogue, how then do you get your daily news quotient? One way to do that is through the use of RSS feeds and Google Alerts. This video below by Wartex8 explains the … Continue reading

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Router Security Notes and WebCams

Make sure you change your router name, SSID, that is displayed for everyone to see. Also make sure you change the default name and password for the router. Note that this is different from the wireless access. This has all … Continue reading

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The Old Computer – New Video Camera – Problem

New camera these days cost as little as $120 and take 720P video – YEAH! You can’t play or edit that new video on your old computer – Boo! The problem might be that the new 720P or better video … Continue reading

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Ripping DVD’s – now partially legal.

The EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, reports that it is now legal for artists to use shorts parts of movies to include in their works that they don’t sell. Here’s the entire article. – article2

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