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Temporary Email Addresses

Many sites demand that you give them your email address to validate you, but then you’ve opened the door to tons of spam from the same company. An easy way around this is to create a temporary email address, which … Continue reading

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YouTube 720p Video

One of the tricks to getting nice video onto YouTube is to upload a 720p video. My camera, a 210is has that capability, but using MovieMaker Beta, it never seemed to work. Here’s what I figured out. In MovieMaker (MM) … Continue reading

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Print Screen – the Easy Way

It’s amazing how many times I use the Print Screen function to make a posting and it is a bit of a hastle. Hold down the Fn key, press the Prt Screen key. Then open up Photoshop, new document, paste … Continue reading

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Amazon Free Shipping

Amazon’s free shipping when you order $25 worth of qualified items is a deal which is hard to pass up. Sometimes though, I may be just a few dollars short or even a few cents short of the $25 minimum. … Continue reading

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Backing Up with SyncToy

If you’re looking for a simple and FREE way to backup your files, SyncToy from Microsoft, might just work for you.  I normally used a product I paid for, but since I use numerous computers, I was looking for a … Continue reading

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