Backing Up with SyncToy

If you’re looking for a simple and FREE way to backup your files, SyncToy from Microsoft, might just work for you.  I normally used a product I paid for, but since I use numerous computers, I was looking for a way to easily sync one computer with an external backup without having to install my paid program. Synctoy is just what I needed. You can have as many folder syncs as you want. It allows you to choose folders and then gives you three options.
You can:

  1. Synchronize – files in both directions are changed
  2. Echo – copy files and changes from left folder to right folder.(this is the one I use.)
  3. Contribute – Copies files left to right, but no delettions in the right folder.

Another nice feature is that you can “Preview” what the changes will be. This way you can see exactly is going to be changed before it is done.

Note – this is not a whole drive backup, but it does protect your pictures, video etc. If you backup everything in your User Directory, you should be covered for all your data.


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