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The Sansa Clip is a great little mp3 player that has worked great until my main computer died. My extra computer now became my new computer, but when I plugged my Sansa Clip into it, it would not bring up … Continue reading

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Free Audio Editors

My favorite free audio editor is Audacity. Another new editor recommended by Techzilla  is Wavosaur. Traverso is another option. Note I haven’t tried #2 or #3. My main audio editor is Audition, which is more for professionals, but is more … Continue reading

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You are Not Safe at McDonalds and Starbucks

Steve Gibson of  Security Now fame, has hopefully made all of us a bit more nervous since he shows us how easy it is to capture names and passwords at our local coffee shop. Using a Firefox extension called Firesheep, … Continue reading

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Free Phone Calling and Receiving

I’m glad I’m not in the phone business these days since it’s getting so competitive.  Now you can call people and receive phone calls directly from your computer. I’m not talking about computer to computer, but computer to any type … Continue reading

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What is File SP45123?

The answer to this and similar questions is that there is no way to tell. By default all file extensions are hidden in XP and Windows 7. It’s stupid. Before people start clicking on files, they need to know what … Continue reading

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Better Privacy – Flash Cookies

There are many ways to track people on the web. One of these is the use of Flash Cookies which will put information on your hard drive without asking. One way to get around those flash cookies is to install … Continue reading

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