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Print Folder Directory

If you ever have the need to print the contents of a folder, there’s not an obvious  way to do it in Windows. Here’s a solution. Select all the files, press and hold the shift key, then right-click and select Copy … Continue reading

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Talking to a Human in a Company has a list of phone numbers which will help you talk to a person versus a machine for a lot of different companies. Each number also has instructions which are helpful.

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Word Trends Through the Years

Google Labs has an interesting new feature that allows you to track word usage in books from 1800 through 2000.  The graph on the left tracks the use of the word podium versus lectern – podium is clearly winning. People … Continue reading

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Recover Lost Files

Every once in a while a file is deleted or lost and you just can’t find it on your computer. Even when you check your Trash, nothing is there. Here’s an option to try which just may be perfect for … Continue reading

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Download YouTube Videos

While there are a number of video downloaders available, not all seem to work. One that worked for me recently is WMRECORDER 14.1. It’s not free, but does has a demo mode, so you can try it out and see … Continue reading

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Adobe Reader Install – Watch Out!

Watch out when you install the latest Adobe Reader. It will automatically install McAfee Security Scan. You have to uncheck the box to make sure you don’t get it.

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MovieMaker Time-Line View is Back

Microsoft has allowed users to install the “old” MovieMaker onto their newer Win 7 computers. The advantage is that it still has the Timeline view, which allows you to add a voiceover to your pictures and sync the pictures to … Continue reading

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