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How to Rotate a PDF File

Somehow I’ve discovered that some PDF files are upside down and almost impossible to read. By chance I did a right-click on the opened file and saw this dialogue box. It gives you the choice to “Rotate Clockwise.” Do that … Continue reading

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New Security Feature in Facebook

If you use Facebook away from home, they now have a new feature you can choose which will keep you more secure – HTTPS. When you have use HTTPS with any site, your connection is secure from prying eyes. Google … Continue reading

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Moving Files Between Computers

I have two computers I use on a daily basis. The desktop I use early in the morning and I use the laptop later in the day laying on the couch. It’s aggravating when I have one file upstairs on … Continue reading

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Setup a Blog – Learning WordPress

I’ve found a great tutorial on setting up an account with WordPress. It’s called If you’re a beginner – this is the place to start.

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Alternatives to Paid Software

A friends hard drive recently died and with it she lost all of her applications. Luckily there are FREE alternative applications for just about anything you want to do. The best place to find these options is Here are … Continue reading

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Partitioning and Erasing an Old Disk

With the death of my old computer, I was left with a 250 GB drive which is perfectly usable, but was partitioned into three sections and had all sorts of personal and confidential information – what to do? I thought … Continue reading

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Problem Step Recorder – Helping Long Disance

It’s always aggravating trying to help a person with a computer problem over the phone. With Windows 7 there’s a way to see what your friend is doing on his/her machine – which will definitely help you in your diagnosis. … Continue reading

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