Problem Step Recorder – Helping Long Disance

It’s always aggravating trying to help a person with a computer problem over the phone. With Windows 7 there’s a way to see what your friend is doing on his/her machine – which will definitely help you in your diagnosis. Have your friend go to the bottom left and click on the Start icon –  under search type in psr – it will find the psr.exe program which your friend should start. The program has a Start Record. Stop Record and Comment section. Have them click on the Start Record button, run through the steps which they are having trouble with and add comments as they go along. When they’re done, they should click on Stop Record and save the file. Then have them email the file to you. The file is an unusual format but will open with Internet Explorer.

One of the problems I noticed is that Yahoo email thinks the file is a virus even though it’s not. I ended up sending the file via my gmail account and it worked fine.


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