Moving Files Between Computers

I have two computers I use on a daily basis. The desktop I use early in the morning and I use the laptop later in the day laying on the couch. It’s aggravating when I have one file upstairs on my desktop and need it downstairs on my laptop. Without moving the file to a thumb drive and physically carrying it from one computer to another – there’s an easier solution.

Sharing folders is a way to have access to the same file on both computers. Since I have XP on my desktop and Win7 on my laptop you might think that would be a problem, but it isn’t. Basically all you have to do is tell Windows that you want to share a folder and it is then available to all the network computers.

In XP, open Windows Explorer or My Computer and right click on the folder you wish to share and choose “Properties.” Then near the top, select “Sharing.” Under Network Sharing and Security, check the box – Share this folder on the network. You may also check the box – “Allow network users to change my files” if you wish.

To get Windows 7 to share folders is a bit more complicated. Here’s a nice description of the process – click here.

One of the ways I use this feature is to watch downloaded video podcasts which are on my desktop and watch them on my laptop. Another great feature this allows you to do is backup an important file from one computer to the other.


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