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What’s Wrong With My Computer? The Router-Modem

A friend of mine was having trouble with his computer and he brought it over to my house for me to test for viruses and do a general update. What I found was that even though this was an older … Continue reading

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iTouch with WiFi Problems

One of my great insomniac sleep tricks is to watch Netflix movies on my iTouch. Especially with David Attenborough droning on and on about the latest critter, I quickly have droopy eyes. Lately though I’ve had connectivity issues with my … Continue reading

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SEO – Search Engine Optimmazion – How to Get to Be #1 on Google

Everyone wants to be #1 on Google’s search engine. Even if you’re not in business trying to sell stuff and support your family, there’s a bit of prestige to see your name or business in the first page of the … Continue reading

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Downloading All Google Docs

You can download all of your google online documents fairly easily – up to 2 GB at a time. Hover your mouse over one of your files, go to the Actions on the right and choose download. Then just select … Continue reading

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Free Backup Online

I thought I might summarize some of your different options on saving files for free in the cloud. Google Drive – 5 gb Free – I create and save most of my documents here. If you use their format, the … Continue reading

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Saving $20 with Godaddy

Make sure when you renew a website with GoDaddy that you search for “promo code.” I just saved $20 on a $60 purchase with a code I found. Codes I’ve found tek8 – save 10% gdbb776 – save 33%

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Copy But Keep Both Files

One of the nice features of Windows 7 is being able to copy a file from one folder or computer to another and have the option to “Copy, but keep both files.” The box will open up automatically when the … Continue reading

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