Skype – Watch the Installation

Since I’ve had trouble with Skype in the past, I was hesitant to try a new version on my newish computer, but since my brother wanted to try it out, I said ok. I did two backups via two different software programs and then I felt comfortable that I could restore my computer to a good setup.

What I found with Skype 5.1 was a bit of slight of hand as it attempted to install all sorts of junk on my computer via an innocuous “Options” link during the installation. It wanted to install plugins, an Extras Manager – whatever that is, and an automatic startup when your computer started.  I said no to all four extra options and only clicked on the basic two options to create a desktop icon and start Skype after the installation.

Having taken those precautions, Skype is working like a champ. I especially like the group video sessions where you can have up to five computers networked together. The do say ten is theoretically possible, but that five is the most in practical terms. They do charge extra for this – $8.99/month.


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