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Word Press – Increase Your Posting Area

One of my aggravations with Word Press has been the small area allocated for making your posts. I have found a setting which increases this area to whatever you want. Go to Settings – Writing and then change the default … Continue reading

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Page Break in

Here’s a way to add a page break into your documents. Add the code below in HTML view and it will create a 2nd page. <!–nextpage–> Down at the bottom of your entry you see page 1, 2 etc.

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Fax Machine Alternative

While I’ve gotten rid of my fax machine, it does seem like once or twice a year some office wants me to fax a document to them. HelloFax is a somewhat free option which should do what you want. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Ten Years Younger in Photoshop

Here’s a Photoshop technique which will help to get rid of ten or more years on a picture. Duplicate your picture – Ctrl J Add a filter to the picture – Filter – Blur – Surface blur – Settings – … Continue reading

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Using WordPress as a Website

One feature that is buried away in WordPress support is the fact that you can use it as a website. Instead of having it open up to your blog postings, you can set it up to open to a main … Continue reading

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Security Notes – March 2011

These are taken from Steve Gibson’s Security Now Podcast #289. Don’t use a library computer for anything other than passive browsing. You never can trust another persons computer and know what key stroke-logger or malware is on their computer – … Continue reading

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Windows 7 SP1

Taking my lesson from Steve Gibson, I am not installing Windows 7 SP1 – at least for now. Steve says that if you’ve been doing your normal updates, SP1 is just a large compilation of all these updates. If you … Continue reading

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