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Free One Page Website

I noticed recently that has a cheap way to setup a one page website. If you register a website with them, they give you this one page website for free. If that’s all you need, then it’s a great … Continue reading

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Gmail – Getting Rid of Multiple Groups

For some reason I have ended up with over a hundred Groups in Gmail. While one can delete one group at a time, that is painfully slow to do when you have large numbers. I’ve found a solution – although … Continue reading

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Yahoo Email Problems with Attachments

I have figured out on my own that I can manually change the normal and insecure HTTP to HTTPS in Yahoo email. Unfortunately, what I’ve also figured out is that when you do that, now you can’t download any attachment … Continue reading

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Contact Synchronization Issues and T-Mobile

While I appreciate the attempt by T-Mobile to backup my phone contact information, the program doesn’t seem to be working. Here are a few of my attempts to make changes and the results. I’m starting out with 254 contacts on … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Backup and Restore

1. Buy a USB external hard drive. The bigger the better as you may be using this for a long time. I prefer the small USB powered drives. Plug it in and then connect the USB to your computer. 2. … Continue reading

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Image Resizer for Windows 7

One utility which I’ve missed for a while, because I had it in Windows XP  is an easy Image Resizer. Thanks to Paul Thurrott for recommending Image Resizer. After installation, you right click on an image and then get the … Continue reading

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Yahoo Email – How to Force HTTPS

One of the insecure things that Yahoo email does by default is to not use HTTPS in their email and calendar. What that means is that your HTTP wireless transmissions can be intercepted by the bad guys. One fix I’ve … Continue reading

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