Windows 7 Backup and Restore

1. Buy a USB external hard drive. The bigger the better as you may be using this for a long time. I prefer the small USB powered drives.
Plug it in and then connect the USB to your computer.

2. You may get a popup windows that takes you to the Backup Menu, if so then click on that.
If not, click on the bottom left Windows logo and in the SEARCH are type in backup.
That will bring up the Backup and Restore menu under Control Panel – Choose that and choose Set up backup.

3. I usually choose the default setting.

4. Choose the external hard drive for the place to put your backup.

5. Choose Backup Now – and then go do something else – it will take a while.

6. Once you’re sure the backup is done, disconnect the hard drive.

7. Periodically, plug the external hard drive back in to do more backups. Note – Win 7 doesn’t do Incremental backups – just complete backups – this could fill your hard drive quickly. I only do Full backups every four to six months.

8. Note- you’ll also need to create a System Recovery Disc in case your hard drive is REALLY messed up.
Follow the prompts under the Backup Menus.

Here’s a video from Microsoft about the process.

Here’s another good resource below.

Paul Thurrott’s WinSupersite for Windows.

You don’t need to buy any programs to do this chore any more. Windows 7 has a perfectly good program now. The trick of course is to do it on a regular basis or keep a second drive always attached and Windows 7 will do it for you on a scheduled basis.


I also use SyncToy to backup just my data – that does do Incremental data backups. (this is the 64 bit version.)


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