Acer Aspire One – D255E

My new netbook is the Acer Aspire One D255E – model number 1428 and I bought it at Costco – the 2 year warranty is great. Acer seems to sell many versions of this netbook so you need to be careful which version you get. Some still have Win XP.

The first thing I did was a backup to an external hard drive and then started taking off the junkware. There’s not that much so it didn’t take too much time.
After installing my favorite programs, I’m amazed at how speedy this little netbook is.

The screen is sharp and easy to view.  The 600 height is a bit small, but this is a netbook and not a 15.6″ laptop.
I was comparing this to the Asus 1015PE and I’m happy with this model.
It has a faster processor, the N570, and a large 250 gb drive.

I can watch 720p video fine and even Netflix is not that bad – not perfect, but pretty good.
This version also has 1 MB L2 cache – makes it faster.
6 cell li-ion battery – longer battery life
1.3 megapixel webcam – some netbooks only have a .3 megapixels!

The only aggravating thing is getting used to this smaller keyboard, but then what do you expect with a small netbook.

I’m still not sure why people don’t like Windows Starter – it seems to do everything I need it to.

The touch pad has a nice feel and is easy to use. I did however attach my logitech wireless mouse and it works great.

I also added a 4 GB SD card, $10.00, and set it up to be used as extra memory – that’s a nice feature of Win7. I did a test – I have Photoshop 6 on the Netbook and it boots faster than my i7 Desktop – ok it’s running CS3, but still it runs great. Hopefully this will keep me from trying to install a 2GB memory chip.

I did notice that I had 45 Windows updates + IE9, but that’s normal with any new computer.

It also comes with a program for protecting your files called MyWinLocker. It creates a Yo-Safe where you can put your files and they will be encrypted.

While many people will spend $550 for an iPad with 16GB of memory, it just doesn’t make much sense to me when I can get all the above for $279.

I’m impressed with my Acer D255E-1428.


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