Installing the Tivo Premiere

Having bought a new Tivo Premiere, I thought I’d share the experience.

  • First thing I did after unpacking everything is “CALLED” Tivo. I couldn’t activate online as I needed to unactivate my old Tivo and activate my new Tivo. I also made sure I mentioned to the rep that I was keeping my old rate.
  • I disregarded their Step #1 – Order a CableCard. I just have expanded basic with no premium channels. It turns out I don’t need a card. I just plugged my cable line into the back of the Tivo box.
  • I followed the rest of their instruction sheet and only had a few problems.
  • Initially they only found about 8 channels. I did a channel search later and found the rest of my channels.
  • What’s nice is that my local channels come in SD and  HD. You can guess which I prefer to watch.
  • I didn’t use my old wireless connection. I installed an ethernet cable down to the TV area and I’m using a switch so that I can use my ethernet connection on both my TV and Tivo at the same time. “NETGEAR GS105 ProSafe 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch – 10/100/1000 Mbps”
  • I discovered that I can record my HD local stations in HD – Yeah!
  • I could not get my remote to work 100%. I found out online that other people were having the same problem with their Samsung TV. I had also purchased a Tivo Glo remote which can learn the commands from my TV remote. It’s now working, although the one that came in the box does not work perfectly.
  • I also attached a wireless USB keyboard to the Tivo. It’s nice to use when you are doing a SEARCH or you’re using it for YouTube. It’s funny that this is not documented in the books which come with the Tivo.
  • To “Record by time or channel” – you now have to go to “Manage recordings & downloads.” Weird.
  • I haven’t bought the external hard drive which you can attach via the eSata connection. I’m going to see how I fill it up.
  • I finally got my program information to download, but I was missing some channels. Called Tivo and got it fixed. The only thing I don’t like is that my digital hd local channels don’t show up on the program guide. Unfortunately, you also can’t set them up to record automatically – because they’re not on the program guide – bummer.

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