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Passwords – Easy and Secure Way to Generate and Recall Them

Steve Gibson of has done it again – he’s come up with a way to generate secure passwords that we can re-generate if we forget them. Here are the details: click here.   Advertisements

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Managing Your Bookmarks Between Two or More Computers

One of the aggravati0ns of having more than one computer or mobile device is that when you change a bookmark on one device, it’s not changed on all your devices. is a way to do just that. If you … Continue reading

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View Page Source in Firefox

Every once in a while I want to see the html source code for a page and with the new version of Firefox it’s hidden away. There’s two ways to find it. Tools – Web Developer – Page Source Right … Continue reading

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Good/Bad Service – Write About It

Whenever I am reaching for my wallet potentially, I like to investigate the person or company I’m dealing with. One of the great features of the internet is that you get to interact and learn from potentially thousands of people … Continue reading

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Netflix Quality Settings

As a big Netflix user, I was interested in learning that I could set the quality of the video I receive from Netflix. After calling them, I  was told that the default quality is medium or “Better Quality.” As a … Continue reading

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Be VERY Careful When Installing New Software

Lifehacker just passed on this disturbing news. CNet’s is now automatically adding software, changing your home page and your default search engine., whenever you download software from their site. It’s up to you unclick the boxes and just say … Continue reading

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Notes from a Dead Hard Drive

After many years my Segate 1 gb hard drive died instantly. There was no warning, it just stopped functioning today. After trying to resuscitate it via screw-driver tapping and freezer shock, it was obviously gone. Normally I might try SpinRite … Continue reading

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