Restoring from Windows 7 Restore – NOT!

While backup up with Win 7 is a good thing, an even better thing is being able to restore that backup. After doing about three backups over a period of six months I thought I would just check and make sure I could do a restore from the disk which I created.

Unfortunately, I got this error message along with a number of other people when I checked on Google. Error 0X4001100200001012

I tried two different CDs and one DVD, but all had the same error message.

I did find a number of other people with the same problem (click here)

I did find a solution, but not the best solution.
The best solution is that the Repair CD you create – actually works.

Here’s a few possible solutions.

1. When you boot up – continually click on F8 – this brings you up to a menu which allows you to Restore your system image.

2. After talking to tech-support for at least an hour – I got them to send me a Windows 7 install disk. You can Restore from it.

3. I tried using another Win7 upgrade disk I have and it also has the Repair option.

4. My wife has a Sony Win 7, 64 bit computer and I thought I’d try her repair disk in my computer – IT WORKS!

I still wish the Restore disk I made would work, but I feel a little bit better with these options.


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