Roxio Creator 2011 – Review

My new computer only came with basic video editing and DVD software, so I thought I would invest $59 at Costco (after the rebate) for the 2011 version of Roxio Creator.

Of course it doesn’t come with a manual – very few programs do these days, and I couldn’t even find the manual on the DVD. I ended up download the manual from online. Unfortunately I found the manual lacking too. One of the basic tools – Split – to cut a video into different segments is not even mentioned in the manual – or I couldn’t find it with the SEARCH function. I did find a solution online and that’s generally where I’m learning to use this program.

Here are some resources:

One of the first things I learned is that my brand new 2011 version is already out of date. As soon as you open the program it wants you to upgrade to the 2012 version for only $59 – the same price I paid for the 2011 version. I’d probably do that except my version came with a VHS to DVD converter which I might need in the future. That sells for $69 at Costco so I still feel like I got a pretty good version.

I have had Video Wave – the video editor die on me a couple of times – I’m not sure why as they don’t give you an error message.

As I explore the program I’ll add more comments.




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