Setting Up a New Computer

If you’re setting up a new Windows computer, here are the steps I go through.

  • I prefer to have a wired ethernet connection when I setup – it’s a bit faster than wireless.
  • Plug in and do initial setup. Watch out for checked boxes which might sign you up for services and updates which you don’t want.
  • You will want to do a Custom Setup – don’t take their option to do a standard setup.
  • Do a Windows Update and install all the updates.
  • Don’t install the Anti-virus that comes with the computer – Remove it from your computer.
  • Microsoft Defender will then be activated. If not, make sure it is turned on and update virus definitions
  • Also remove any Crapware that came with the computer. Mcafee-Ebay- Here’s a good link to help with that. You might try this also –
  • Remove Java from programs if it is installed
  • Remove icons from Desktop that won’t be used.
  • Change Desktop Icon Size
  • Change Text Size
  • Add Admin Users
  • Change main user to Standard account.
  • Create Recovery Media – usually each computer has its own way of doing this. It may even prompt you to do this when you first set it up.
  • Microsoft Defender is already installed and you don’t need to install any other anti-virus
  • Partition hard drive into two parts – one for the OS and one for Data.
  • Put Notepad on the Desktop and Toolbar
  • Download and Install Steganos Locknote from Sourceforge
  • – installs many programs at once? VLC – Audacity – LibreOffice – Sumatra PDF – Quicktime – it’s also crapware free!
  • Install Google Chrome – seems to have a bit more security these days with its sandboxes and automatic updates of flash and reader.
  • Turn on – File – View – Extensions. Do a search in HELP to find this.
  • Install Libre Office or Microsoft Office if they have it.
  • Install/Update latest Adobe  Flash – WATCH OUT – don’t install McAfee Security Scan! – Note if you only use Chrome, you won’t need to do this
  • Install Sumatra PDF reader for a basic reader with fewer security concerns. Watch out for crapware.
  • Install QuickTime
  • Install Microsoft Windows Live Essentials – Select – Choose Programs to Install –  I only install Photo Gallery and Movie Maker
  • Install accounts for everyone in the family.
  • Make sure the main account is a STANDARD account. Only give Admin privileges to accounts that are not meant to be used every day.
  • Set up a Guest account for friends who need to use your PC.
  • Install VLC – BEST video player
  • Install Lastpass for passwords and/or Steganos LockNote. Make sure you setup Lastpass so that it logouts when you close the browser or after a period of time. 
  • Install SyncToy
  • Copy files from your backup to the new computer – the Standard Account.
  • Open Gmail – Login and change settings.
  • Install other programs that might be needed.
  • Put common programs on the Desktop.
  • Check for latest Windows Updates and set for Automatic Updates
  • If you have access to their printer, install the drivers and give it a test. On a new computer it may download and install the drivers automatically
  • Download and run Belarc Advisor. Copy/Paste the software Key Codes into a Secure Note in LastPass or some other secure location.
  • Once you have got everything setup the way you want it, “Create a Restore Point.”
  • System Backup – the new computers don’t come with any disks at all. After you are finished with your changes and installing all your new software – make a BACKUP and a SYSTEM REPAIR DISK.
  • THEN you can do the below:
  • If they have an old computer, you can take out the old hard drive, attach it to a USB converter.  Here’s what I use .  Before you do anything else you want to run MSE on the old hard drive to remove any spyware/viruses. I f0und four viruses on the old hard drive – all involving JAVA .
  • Then copy your documents to your new computer.  I was told that Best Buy wanted $180 to do this!
  • You may need to retrieve old passwords from the old computer.
  • Setup OpenDNS on your computer or even better, your router.
  • The last thing I did was add a couple of other User Administrator Accounts.
  • Note – Best Buy will take your old computer for recycling – make sure you DON’T give them your old hard drive. You can use that for backup.
  • If you’re giving your old computer to charity, make sure you run Dban to wipe your old hard drive.
  • I also recommend that most people subscribe to an online Cloud backup service. Carbonite will do most of the data files on one computer for $59/year.
  • Make a Label – “Keep Computer on Sunday Night.”
  • When you’ve got the computer the way you want it use Acronis True Image WD edition to clone the drive to a WD backup external hard drive. Note – it has to be a WD drive.

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