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Using Google as Your Home Phone

As phone rates keep increasing and people are losing their jobs, here’s a way to make and receive free phone calls using your computer. 1. You need to have both a gmail and google voice account with the same user … Continue reading

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Firefox Addons

Here are some of the addons I use with Firefox. Note – I also like “Copy Pure Text”. It allows you the option to select text on a web page and only copy the text – not the formatting codes. … Continue reading

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Sony SLT-A65

I just invested in the Sony SLT-A65 – at $1000 it is more of a long term investment than a camera you will throw away in a couple of years. Since my last SLR was about ten years ago, I’ve … Continue reading

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Restoring Deleted Files – Windows 7

Every once in a while I will delete a file and then later wish that I had it. It may be in the Recycle Bin, but sometimes, it’s not. In Windows 7 you have a way to restore that file/folder … Continue reading

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Defrag Your Hard Drive – Windows 7

One of the things that is easy to do on a scheduled basis is to defrag your hard drive. Files get split up all over the hard drive on a daily basis and it’s easier on the hard drive and … Continue reading

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Google Data Backup

If you use Google and all its services , like email, documents, pictures etc. you may have a tinge of fear having all your stuff in one place. Now, it’s fairly easy to backup everything which Google has for you … Continue reading

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Find Your iPhone

Seems like some of my friends have lost their iPhones recently and that many don’t even use a Password. Here’s a good article on how to find you lost iPhone and lock it down until you retrieve it. You’ll need … Continue reading

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