Sky Drive – Free but Difficult

While Sky Drive, part of windows Live,  gives away lots of free storage, I’m finding that there are limitations and problems.

First off there’s a 100 MB size limit – with today’s videos that’s way too small.

Also, while they say you can share files and folders, the only folders I’ve been able to share are Photo folders. If you look at the graphic it says, “Share photos,” but nothing about documents, excel or powerpoint files.

Feb 9, 2013 – apparently now you can share files without people having to have an account. All they need is the link – that’s nice.

I found that one easy way to share a video with friends is to use Hotmail in Windows Live. It allows you to send an email using your current email address – you don’t need a hotmail account. It will then upload the video to SkyDrive and create a folder and it then sends that link to your friend. Then you can go back to SkyDrive and it will show you the link for that folder.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you a link to other non-photo folders.

One thing I do like about SkyDrive is that when a video is uploaded, you can play the video, rather than just downloading it. It plays QuickTime m4v files – impressive.


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