HotSpot Shield – FREE – Security on the Road

When I’m on the road I used to have to pay for HotSpot Shield to create a VPN so that I could safely use the internet at the hotel.They now have a FREE version which seems to work fine, except that it has a number of “GOTCHAS” if your not careful.

After you download the program and start the installation, watch out for the default TOOLBAR they want to install. Unclick that box.

I’ve also noticed that they will put an addon into Firefox which will cause adds to appear at the top of each page. You can remove this addon and the adds will stop.

Another thing I’ve noticed at a friend’s house is that speed is not appreciably affected by using HotSpot.

I always click on Custom Installation and you see graphic #2. Unclick all these options.

Once you then finish with the install, you should see a green button on the bottom right of your screen.  This will indicate that it is working. If you don’t see the green button, right click in that area and “Customize” to show that button.


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