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Yahoo Calendar – Screw Me Twice – Shame Shame on You

Last year about this time Yahoo Calendar came up with a “New and Improved” calendar. Unfortunately in the process of transferring all my events over, they got all the times messed up. I had to go in and manually fix … Continue reading

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What Is That ********* Password?

Every once in a while I run into a situation where I have setup a password to be entered automatically. When that happens, I get a series of asterisks ***********, where my password is entered. If I want to know … Continue reading

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Camera and Photo Tips

Twit Photo is a great show to watch which deals with cameras and photography tips. I watch it on my roku while exercising. Headshots – it’s all about the jaw¬†– excellent.Peter Hurley On YouTube BHPhotoVideoProAudio has some great photography tutorials. … Continue reading

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Google Phone Service

I’ve got a friend who wants to get rid of his $50/month phone bill, so I thought I’d document what I know about the phone features that Google has available. You first off need an account with Gmail – that’s … Continue reading

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Review

Here’s what you get with the standard configuration. Computer, mouse and keyboard, power cord and a couple of different ways to mount it. That’s it. No disk, no cables and few instructions. As you can see, it has quite a … Continue reading

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When Bullet Points Turn to Arrows

One of the things I noticed on this particular blog was that in WordPress, when I setup a list, the bullet points point one point two would turn into >> point one >> point two After getting on one of … Continue reading

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Personal Communication – Harder than Ever

In the old days, personal communication was fairly simple. Other than speaking to someone in person, we could only call someone on the phone or write them a letter. That’s how most communication was done. Now the way to communicate … Continue reading

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