Microsoft PowerPoint Has Stopped Working – Fixed with a Restore Point

I opened up a PowerPoint slide show recently on my laptop, tried to do a “Save As” and received the above two messages. Since I was using Power Point 2010 I tried to “Convert” my ppt to a pptx file – I got the same message. I tried this with other Power Point files and kept coming up with the same error messages. I then went upstairs to my desktop and tried all of these functions and it worked perfectly – no problems.

I then tried a few solutions I found on the internet, but had no success.

I might mention that my laptop is a Windows 7 machine and the computer upstairs is an XP machine.

It then occurred to me that something was corrupted in Power Point and I decided to “Restore” using a Restore Point.

I initially chose the November 1st Restore Point and noted that it affected a number of programs. If you click on the “Scan for affected programs” it will show you the programs which have changed since the November 1st date.

Here’s what it showed to me.


Look closely at all the Microsoft Office Updates.

Unfortunately the November 1 Restore did not work – not sure why, but luckily I had more options. I had  November 5th Restore Point. I tried that and it worked fine.

Now my Power Point 2010 is working fine.

This shows you why it is so important to have as many Restore Points as possible. I’m 99% sure that one of the Microsoft updates was the problem – which one I don’t know, but I’ll be very careful about if and when I install them in the future.


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