Personal Communication – Harder than Ever

In the old days, personal communication was fairly simple. Other than speaking to someone in person, we could only call someone on the phone or write them a letter. That’s how most communication was done.

Now the way to communicate with another person seems to be growing exponentially. We have so many options and everyone seems to have a personal preference.

Email used to be the best and greatest way to stay in touch, then spam crept in and our mailboxes became littered with “Congratulations – you’ve just won a …” Some people have email, but rarely open it up and then when they do, they have hundreds if not thousands of emails and they just DELETE ALL. For some people I’ve found that they either rarely open their email or don’t let you know if they have. “Are you coming to the party? Yes or No?” How long does that take to answer and yet for some people, it seems to much.

Some people have phones, but don’t answer them. Instead you must leave them a text message if you want them to reply. Kids these days seems to prefer this method. One young man recently sent eleven message in eleven minutes – while driving – right before he caused a terrible accident.

Quite a few people seem to like Facebook. The problems becomes when your “Friends” list gets large and you have to go back pages and pages to see all the posts. In the end you just look at the first page and forget the rest.

Some people like to do a lot of Blogging, but there’s no guarantee anyone is actually seeing anything you blog.

Internet Sites
Many people have a website where they communicate with the world. The trick is to get the world to come to your site. I have about thirty sites I like to visit, but then again only when I have time.

Some people send E-cards with cute action figures. To open these you have to click on a link in email – not a safe thing to do, since it could be sending you to a hackers site.

Twitter is another “hot” means of communication. With only 140 characters, you have a limited number of words to get your audience’s attention. The problem becomes when you start following LOTS of people, your Twitter page is over-run and you don’t have time to look at all the posts.

Skype is another hi-tech way to communicate cheaply, but only if the other person is at their computer with Skype open. I know it has other paid options, but most people like the free option.

Google+ CirclesVideo Hangouts
One of the latest entrants in the social media is Google+. One of the features I like is that they allow you to have free video conferencing with up to ten people. You have to get them to signup and probably call/email/text etc. to get this all setup ahead of time.

I come back to “mail” as maybe one of the best ways to stay in touch again. People are not used to getting real cards, party invitations and letters, that it becomes a real treat to get one. Take time to write a real letter, it may be the present this Christmas season.


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