Google Chrome – Tips and Tricks

I’m starting to use Google Chrome a bit more these days, but find that it has certain eccentricities. Below are the tips and tricks that I have learned.

I miss the stand Windows FILE – Print interface. Now I have to hit Control P or click on the wrench menu to print. I have found a “Print” extension which puts a printer icon up on the screen.

What is somewhat baffling sometimes is that sometimes when I print, Ctrl P, it hides a secondary popup screen underneath my main screen. I only know it’s there because I see a secondary Print- Google Chrome message on my Taskbar. That the screen which allows me to print what I am seeing.

One feature I’m missing is the ability to “shrink the page to fit” on one page. A lot of pages I set to shrink about 70% in Firefox, but don’t see that capability in Chrome. I have found that if I use the Ctrl and Mouse scroll wheel I can reduce the size of the type on the screen and when I go to print that it reduces the text size on the paper.

You will probably have to “allow” popups for this to work.
Wrench – Options – Under the Hood – Content Settings –
Pop-ups – Allow all sites to show pop-ups.
Note – there should be a way to do this with the manage exceptions, but you would thing Google Print would be smart enough to allow its own pop-ups.


When you save a file or download a file from google docs, it automatically puts the file in your Downloads folder. If you want to speicify exactly where the file should go, do this.
– Click on the wrench icon – top right
– Options
– Under the hood
– Click on the box – “Ask where to save each file before downloading”


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