Reading a Kindle ebook on a Computer

I recently was looking for a book on Amazon and was amazed that it was only available in Kindle format. Since it only cost $3.59 I thought I’d give it a try.

You first have to download the app.

Then run it and sign-in with your Amazon email and password.

When I went to search for my book in the Kindle search function,
“How to Reduce Everyday Pain and Inflammation in Your Body”, it couldn’t find it.
I can certainly find it in the Amazon regular store, but not in the Kindle store. I decided to take a chance and pay for it and hope it would show up in my reader – luckily it did.

Here’s what the library looks like and below is how the book looks on my screen.

You can change the look to full screen and it also allows you to change the brightness, font size and color background. All together I’m impressed. This works great for me.

Note – that if you’re a Prime member you could get this for free, but it does cost $79/year.


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